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Wooden Swedish Ladder Wall Stall Bar Set

About the product

Multi-function gym is made of natural wood which is very nice to the touch and warmly fits into almost any interior without disturbing the comfort of the home.

This model is made to adhere to the highest standards of reliability and safety for the wall bars gym structure. This universal home gym will serve you, help you keep fit and allow you to just have a great time for many years! A fitness station of this kind is perfect for developing various groups of muscles and improving the physical form of a child or adolescent as well as for maintaining or toning the body shape of an adult. Also, it is an excellent tool to relax the muscles, with options to perform a huge number of different stretching exercises.

• Rope ladder. Children especially like it because it’s an entertaining jungle gymnastics tool. Kids love to play pirates on it, while at the same time developing their muscles.
• Rope trapeze. A great attribute for playing and muscle development of your child
∙ Swedish wall. Allows you to perform a variety of exercises for adults, children and adolescents
∙ Climbing rope.
∙ Highly convenient and smooth grip.
∙ Non-toxic paint. Wooden surface are well polished and varnished.

∙ Stall bar offers 130kg max load capacity
∙ Material: beech wood
∙ Bar diametre: 33mm
∙ Height: 210cm
∙ Width: 80cm

*Please note: standard wall fixings are provided. These may not be suitable for your wall type. Always check with a professional before installation.

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