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Women's Remarkables Bar 15kg Olympic Barbell Black Zinc - Bearing

About the product
Why do female Olympic lifters and WODers need a different bar? - It's all about the grip, and the transition of the bar from the ground to overhead. Women's hands tend to be smaller than men's, the thinner shaft allows for a better grip and better form in transition and in overhead positions. Our Remarkables Women's bar weighs 15kg and features a 25mm shaft diameter.

  • Bearing rotation
  • All-black Zinc finish
  • Smooth knurl depth. neither a "cheese grater" nor too soft
  • The 25mm shaft diameter is great for Olympic movements
  • Best Use: Garage Gym or WODing
*Spring collars and weights are NOT included.

  • Weight: 15kg
  • Weight capacity: 450kg
  • Tensile strength: 160,000 PSI
  • Shaft diametre: 25mm
  • Whip: Stiff
  • Moderate diamond knurling
  • Dual Knurling - Double Ring IWF + IPF Knurling (No Center Knurl)
  • Spin: Moderate (Bushing) or Fast (Bearing  - 4 needle bearing per collar)
  • Material: Alloy Steel, Black Zinc finish
  • Length: 201cm
  • Sleeve: 31.5cm length, 2" diametre
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