Portable Dancing Pole Kit - Static & Spinning Fitness Pole Dancing Set

Create a workout anywhere, anytime, and do so with style. This dance pole will fit any room thanks to its extendable length. You can do multiple work outs – whether you want to spin or to use it as an exercise bar, this pole is perfect for anyone, anywhere. Great for the gym, club, or at home. It won't damage your ceiling/floor, and very easy to install.

  • Spinning or Static. Choose Your Style: the dancing pole integrated all new design enables users to use the pole’ s spinning mode or lock it up to use the pole in static mode. Adjust the bottom screw to switch between spinning mode and static mode.
  • Height adjustable. Fit ceiling height between 2315mm and 2745mm. Extension tubes (125mm, 250mm, or 500mm) can also be purchased in our store.
  • Easy to assemble. No drills/screws on ceiling/floor. Silicone ring protectors on both dome and base. No damage will be caused to your ceiling and floor on assembly.
  • Made of premium cold formed steel in chrome finish. It is durable and sturdy.
  • Screw together tube high precision joints(almost seamless) for maximum strength, stability and smoothness.
  • Double width pole support dome, spreads the load/pressure evenly on the ceiling.
  • Pole diametre: 45mm
  • Material: Cold formed steel
  • Finish: High grade electroplated chrome
  • Steel thickness: 2.2mm
  • Weight capacity: 200kg
  • Suitable for ceiling height between 2315mm and 2745mm

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