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Mini Farmer's Walk Handles (Pair)

About the product
Farmer's walks have everyday utility and will blow up your forearms, triceps and traps in no time. You also get the bonus of improved grip strength while toning and tightening your abs, as your core works to keep your spine straight to support the load.

You'll never need another pair of farmer's walk handles when you own these. The handle coating prevents any slipping or sliding off the bumpers while walking, and settles into a natural, snug grip in your hand. You also get convenient storage with the mini version. All of the handles feature our rugged, heavy gauge steel with fat welds. These feature the same rugged durability you've come to know and expect from us. When your upper body feels like granite, you'll be glad you joined our farm team.

• Small yet mighty, compact design makes it easy to store but tough enough to handle up to 100kg each handle.
• Sleeves fit all weight plates with a 2" insert diameter.
• Handles have a 3cm diameter
• Durable matte, black powder coat so you can take them to an outdoor workout.

Note: No weight plates included in the packages.

• Loading peg length: 24.5cm
• Handle length: 14cm
• Net Weight: 2.6kg each handle
• Weight Capacity: 100kg each
• Color: Matte Black
• Sleeve Dimensions: 19cm long with 2 inch diameter
• Material: Powder-Coated Steel