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Inflatable Gymnastic Air Spot Landing Mat 100x20cm

About the product

The bouncy air spot mat can serve as a landing point for athletes. They are soft and thus ensure a safer landing. Apart from that, thanks to their smaller size, they can encourage athletes to be more precise in their movements so as not to miss the mat.

An air spot mat can also be used to cushion the impact when the hands touch the ground in movements like handsprings or somersaults. The cushioned surface beneath provides confidence to newbie gymnasts, as well as offers a safe surface to fall onto.

An air spot is gentle on the body, allowing for the repetition of skills without adding stress on joints. The Air Spot has become more and more popular amongst gymnasts, cheerleaders, dancers, and obstacle course enthusiasts looking to add a little fun and bounce to their training in a small, compact space.


• Thick and strong filament grade material (also known as drop stitch material).

• Constructed of durable, high-quality vinyl that is made to last.

• Great airtightness and durability.

• Portable and easy to store away when not in use.


Size: 100cm diameter x 20cm thickness

Colour: Mint green

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