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ATTIVO Technique Bar Weightlifting Beginner Training Barbell - Aluminium 6.8KG

About the product
ATTIVO 6.8KG, aluminium barbell is the lightest possible bar that simulates some of the properties of a full-size bar that enable a lifter to pattern the movements for lifts, particularly Olympic lifts (i.e. the snatch and clean & jerk), with an extremely light load.

Our training barbell's aluminium composition makes it less dense than steel, creating a nice, light bar. Aluminium has different strength properties than steel, so our training barbell has a max capacity of 90kg and is stiff, with no whip.

This bar fills the need of lifters with some level of strength but no experience with Olympic lifts (snatch and clean & jerk). Whether you're an amateur or still building your strength, this light barbell will show you the correct movements. Once you've learned the proper technique of each lift, you then can move onto a full-size barbell.

• Training barbell that sports moderate knurl, making it grippy without tearing your hands.
• 28mm diameter stays true to IWF standard.
• Intelligently designed and engineered bushings provide smooth, pleasant spin.
• Perfectly suited for novice lifters, lifters with less strength, kids, teens, and seniors.

IMPORTANT: Do keep in mind that aluminium bends and lacks the durability of steel, so this barbell isn't intended for daily, general use and should NOT be dropped.

• Weight: 6.8KG
• Weight Capacity: 90KG
• Material: Aluminium with Chrome Finish
• Length: 183CM
• Sleeve Specs: 24CM long with 2" diameter (Accepts standard "Olympic" size • plates- iron, bumper, etc.)
• Shaft Specs: 127CM (wide enough to teach the snatch) with a 28mm shaft diameter
• Bushings: Brass
• Knurl: Dual knurling with Double Ring (IWF + IPF), No Center Knurl

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Customer Reviews

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Simon Sterjovski
Technique barbell

Great item at great price