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ATTIVO Seated Calf Raise, Weight Plate Loaded, Dual Olympic Weight Posts, Height Adjustable Thigh Pad, Lower Body Specialty Machine, Leg Day Machine

ATTIVO Seated Calf Raise Machine

Complete your lower body workout routine with the ATTIVO Seated Calf Raise Machine, which will help promote a healthy calf muscle. Our machine is a versatile piece of exercise equipment that can be used in a variety of ways like working out your calves, hamstrings, and quads.

ATTIVO Seated Calf Raise Machine is the most effective machine to work your calves, and the best choice for athletes in competitive sports looking to build strength, power, and performance. This heavy-duty machine features a fully adjustable seat, calf pad, and diamond foot plates. Stop struggling with other types of exercises that don't target the calf muscle group.

This Seated Calf Raise Machine has a diamond foot plate where the user will place the balls of their feet, and a steel rod with chrome plated sleeves to load weights – each sleeve measures 29cm with a 2” diameter to fit Olympic weights and bumper plates. This unit has a high-density, dual layered vinyl pad design for optimal comfort under intense stress.

The knee padding also ensures comfort during an intense calf workout. The knee pad can also be adjusted both horizontally and vertically to the preference of the user. Using the steel popper pins, the knee pad can be easily adjusted and after finding the optimal position, simply lift the knees by pushing through the balls of your feet with your calves and move the safety bar to the side for a full range of position. The steel grip handles on top of the knee pad provides stability. For additional safety and stability, the machine can be bolted down to the floor.

Heavy duty calf raise machine. This machine is made to hold all the weight!
Build calf strength. Use this leg machine to target the soleus calf muscle and accelerate calf muscle growth in your workout! Calf raises also help to treat and prevent shin splints by strengthening the calf, as well as assisting in Achilles rehab.
Meant for home gym workout and light-commercial use, or in physical therapy/injury prevention facilities!
Fully adjustable. Nothing is better than moving into your workout with ease and zero hassle. This machine is very easy to adjust and has a variety of options depending on your size and comfort preference. Using steel popper pins, the knee pad position can be adjusted vertically and horizontally. After finding optimal position, lift the knees up and move the safety bar for a full range of motion!
Very easy to use. Follow these steps and you will find your calves building: Tighten your calves and explode through the balls of your feet at full ankle extension and raise the heels. Hold this position briefly and return to the starting position by dropping the heels below the foot plate!
The diamond plated foot plates give you stability when performing calf raises, while the chrome plated sleeves hold weights.
Chrome plated sleeves with 2” diameter to fit Olympic weights and bumper plates.
Comes with a pair of Olympic spring collars.

* Weight plates in product picture are not included in the package.

• Base dimension: 130cm x 61cm
• Loadable sleeve length: 29cm each side
• Maximum weight load: 260kg (includes user)
• Product net weight: 28.8kg

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