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ATTIVO Olympic Trap Bar / Hex Bar – Rotating Sleeves

About the product

The Trap Bar often called a Hex Bar, is one of the best specialty bars for building strength and developing power in the deadlift.
ATTIVO Olympic Trap Bar is an open trap bar with a built-in deadlift jack. Shorter rotating sleeves offer a smoother deadlift experience. This is one of the most versatile barbells to have in your gym.


  • Versatile and high performance trap bar.
  • Built-in deadlift jack. - A feature never seen before on a home gym hex bar, and is usually reserved for abhorrently expensive models. ATTIVO Open-Ended Trap Bar has a pair of built-in bar jacks. By rotating the bar vertically like a lever until it’s sitting on the feet of the jacks, the weight plates end up mere inches from the floor. This allows you to add and remove plates with total ease.
  • Open-ended frame. - Offers several benefits over the traditional closed-frame design. It is now possible to use your trap bar for split squats, Romanian deadlifts, weighted carries, lunges, and more, while still being perfectly balanced for your deadlifts and shrugs.
  • Rotating sleeves. Unlike almost any other trap bar on the market, our trap bar features bushing rotating sleeves.


  • 50mm sleeves for Olympic weight plates
  • Product weight: 21kg
  • Weight capacity: 300kg
  • More size details please refer to the last product picture.

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