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ATTIVO Farmer's Walk, Neutral Grip Strongman Carry, Rated 200kg Capacity, Strength Training Workout

ATTIVO Farmer's Walk - Open Trap Bar

ATTIVO Farmer's Walk - Open Trap bar is constructed for strongman and endurance training while focusing on grip strength and easy plate loading. Ideal for home gyms or garage gyms, it is a simple and effective design for deadlifts, shrugs, or farmers walks with handles that are in a fixed position close to your body. Built with an open frame that features dual, smooth neutral handles, elevated weight sleeves, and rubber feet. Made to support a weight capacity of up to 200kg, this open trap bar allows for a versatile range of movements in split squats, walking lunges, and more while maintaining balance for deadlifts and shrugs. The ATTIVO Farmer's walk - Open Trap Bar is easy to carry, prevents your plates from touching the ground, and allows for a more centred workout protecting your lower back.

• Great for Deadlifts, Shrugs, and Farmer's Walks
• 54(L) x40(W)cm inside dimensions allow for ample room for Farmer's Walks
• Quickly load and unload plates with elevated loadable weight sleeves
• Dual, 40cm loadable sleeves fit Olympic sized plates
• Long, neutral, smooth grip handles 32mm in diameter
• Rubber feet to protect your floor from damage

*Weight plates not included.

• Overall length: 145cm
• Overall height: 39cm
• Inside Width: 54cm
• Inside Depth: 40cm
• Loadable Sleeve Length: 32cm
• Sleeve Diameter: 49mm (for Olympic sized plates)
• Weight capacity: 200kg
• Product Weight: 16kg
• Material: Powder-Coated Steel

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