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ATTIVO Deadlift Jack Barbell Stand, Easily Load and Unload Barbell Plates for Deadlift Exercise, Weight Training, Home Gym

ATTIVO Deadlifting Jack

Every lifter knows loading and unloading your barbell is a pain in the butt, the back, and occasionally your big toe (ouchie!). With the ATTIVO Deadlift Jack, that pain and frustration is replaced with ease and efficiency!

The ATTIVO Deadlift Jack provides a lever to lift your bar and slide weights on and off during your lifting sessions. Whether it’s for deadlifts, cleans, hip thrusts, or whatever else you have planned, the Jack allows you to save energy for your exercises.

The ATTIVO Deadlift Jack, when set on the ground, sits 10" high and 20" lengthwise. The Barbell Hold is a 2" opening. The long lever allows you to get under your bar and lift it with control, ease, and safety.

Weightlifter’s Best Friend. The ATTIVO Deadlift Jack will be your new best friend! If you are prone to lifting heavy barbells loaded with plates, this clever tool will save you lots of time and energy. You will be able to load and unload your barbell with increased efficiency and decreased frustration!
Compact, Straightforward, Strong. The Deadlift Jack will be on hand when you need it & can be easily tucked away as you crush PRs. It is small but powerful with no moving parts. The straightforward lever makes it easy to use and a trusted tool to use over and over again.
Barbell Protection. This Jack is outfitted with padding to protect your bar as you lift and lower it. The portion that comes in contact with your bar is padded to protect both the knurling and coating. That way, you can lever your bar into place without compromising its longevity!

 Sits 32cm high when set on the ground
 Sits 49cm long when set on the ground
 Barbell hold opening: 5cm

Net Weight: 3.5kg
Weight Capacity: 180kg
Colour: Matte Black
Material: Powder-Coated Steel

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