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ATTIVO Chest Press Bench, Adjustable Flat Incline Bench Press with Independent Converging Arms, Chest Press Machine

ATTIVO Flat Incline & Ab Crunch Bench Press Station - Isolated Chest Strength Training

Designed with independent converging arms that come together, the ATTIVO Chest Press allows for varied weight levels on each arm, catering to individual strength needs or focused single arm training. Perfect for home gym and light-commercial gym settings.

Independent arms: Each arm functions separately, allowing users to apply different weight levels on each side or focus on strengthening one side at a time. The converging motion of the arms targets the chest muscles effectively.
Versatile. Transforms into a flat bench press, incline bench press, or ab crunch board. The folding base enables incline press and crunches, while the ankle padding beneath the head of the bench offers support for various exercises. Easily target your abdominal muscles with this innovative bench, allowing for a wide range of ab exercises.
Adjustable height safety catch with locking pin.
Ankle pads.
Includes 4 x Olympic plate adapters for converting to use with Olympic size weight plates, so the bench press accommodates both 1” and 2” weight plates (plates sold separately).
Additional storage pegs help maintain a clean workout space.

• 50x50mm steel frame.
• High-density, dual-layered pad.
• Plate peg loadable length: 20cm.
• Max plate load per arm: 65kg; Max capacity for user weight: 130kg (Not including weights).
• Net weight: 35kg.

Please note: Weight plates not included in the package.

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