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August 26, 2022 3 min read

Stimulate Your Toddler's Skills with an Indoor Soft Play Climber

In addition to learning balance, coordination, and consequences, seeing their child’s sheer development of physical, mental, and gross motor skills becomes a proud moment for the parenting fraternity. A treat to any parent to witness their toddler gain cognitive development, it is the focus and the stability along with exemplary hand-eye coordination that becomes a defining change quite brilliantly attained throughindoor soft play climbers. These indoor play centers are perfect for daycare, classroom, waiting room areas, and shopping mall play areas. 

These stimulate your toddler’s skills and turn an active play for your kid 

stimulate your toddler’s skills with Soft Play Climber

Making them indulge in active play from those potty training days is a must when working on the gross motor skills of your toddler. Soft play climbers help in building physical strength and give way to a new dimension giving your child the ability to think, imagine and react promptly(letting the body perceive and coordinate movements). Hours of energetic play and you think your toddler is ready for any challenge? Undoubtedly so, giving your child an appropriate outlet to perform his heart out, it’s no wonder why bouncing off walls would now seem so easy!

Certainly, these toddler foam climbing blocks lead to the development of the intent that lets them climb and gain enough control over their body movements for the first 18 months. The quest to squat, run and pull up, once he found power in his body, the unquenchable thirst then would be to explore the boundaries with that insatiable desire to climb any and everywhere he wants. These toys certainly are immensely beneficial for your kid’s development, now let’s discuss some of those!

1. Building their strength from the core

Climbing toys

Climbing toys improve physical strength, isn’t it undeniable that the most challenging phase is well dealt with via these climbers? Does it not build the muscles and strengthen bones, thereby working on the core from the very beginning? Indoor soft play climbers will for sure fortify the upper and the lower body, letting your toddler not just lose baby fat but become agile enough to climb even the tallest of those heights with ease. 

2. Cognitive development plays a key role in your child’s development

The ability to perceive, react, or even imagine and think out of the box, are all inherent with a comprehensive mental growth and development that comes into the picture. Exercising their gross motor skills and activating those sensory experiences, let your toddlers not just think and reason out well but experiment and take a pre-emptive measure for what’s queued next! In addition, they will also encourage the development of coordinated movements. 

3. Balance and stability are what they offer your child

soft play climbers

Great reflexes, perfect hand-eye coordination, instantaneous reaction capabilities, etc. balance between what they think and how they execute comes innately with the indoorsoft play climbers playing a vital role in a well-planned movement. Children learn to keep their torsos balanced as gravity pulls them down. They think, devise, ideate and then go for any particular climb which lets them differentiate between what’s right or wrong and thereby lets them choose what’s to be pursued. These skills developed through climbing can be transferred to many other aspects of life for a result-driven approach through exquisite overall body movements coordinating well.

4. Get evolved and gain a problem-solving attitude

Even though the fact that their intelligence to adapt to and the aptitude to think and reason out is what makes the human race different and that your child’s got that inbred, there still is a need to bring in a problem-solving approach that ultimately opens the doors to the other decision-making capabilities. With them being open to many different ways to climb, their dependency now on various alternatives exercises their problem-solving attitude. Visualizing multiple routes to get to the top is an on-point approach to broaden the horizon of their planning and problem-solving capabilities.

Soft play climbers-A facade to learn and explore at this very young age

AuChoice Soft play climbers

Stimulating your toddler’s skills, soft play climber blocks build a safe and beautiful place for your little one to play and learn at the same time. Especially if your toddler is full of energy every waking moment, and there are times they cannot go outside or have an access to the playground. Toddler foam climbing blocks turn into a magical investment for you as parents. Contact Auchoice and help build your kid’s indoor playground for new challenges!