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September 07, 2022 3 min read

Choose the Best Play Mat for Babies and Kids to Enjoy Safely

Baby play mats are considered more as the exercise mats that feature in various sizes, subjects, shapes, and sizes and pair perfectly along with an overabundance of those amazing little toys, mirror lights, and music to enchant and take your child to a dreamy roller coaster ride. Those childhood days need an ecosystem for an overall physical, mental, cognitive, and refining of the apprehension skills, a delicate phase where a child learns to adapt to the intricacies of the world around, needs to be encompassed with subjects of intensifying knowledge and ability, play mats along with those toys prove a worthy choice.

Baby Play Mats-A sheltered and clean spot for the baby to engage wilfully

In an era where there exists a range of play mat classics, finding the best fit for your baby could turn into a difficult errand. Auchoice, a home to your growing baby’s needs, fixes the issue with a rundown of the best-in-class chosen play mats for infants that prove the descendants to a lineage that offers the most versatile infant growth solutions. Let’s check them out!

1. Large Crawling Mat Play Mat - Double-Sided, Waterproof

Large Crawling Mat Play Mat - Double-Sided, Waterproof

double-sided mat with a lion theme on one and the dinosaur and unicorn theme on the other. Stays protected against spills, stains, and marks and the water easily skids past the mat, with the fabric being not just water-proof but skin-friendly to fight out any allergens that could disrupt the tender skin. Easy to clean and maintain and safer to play and engage with by the toddler, the large crawling play mat is composed of a high-density foam core. BPA-free, non-toxic, no chemical and plastic smelly odor, which provide the biggest safety and health to babies.

2. Colourful Soft Toddler Foam Mat Baby Play Mat with Sensory Counting Child-Safe Mirrors

Colourful Soft Toddler Foam Mat Baby Play Mat with Sensory Counting Child-Safe Mirrors

Visuals always let your child engage with a lot more thrill and energy on display. Colorful soft toddler foam baby play mat represents the number of dots in each quadrant, helping babies ages 6 months to 3 years learn their first numbers. The peek-a-boo sensory mirrors with no hard edges so your child can have a look at his image every time there on the playboard. It is the heavy-density foam core that is upholstered in non-toxic polyurethane soft leather easy to wipe ready with a soap and water solution. 

3. Large Baby Play Mat Folding Mat Baby Crawling Mat Kids Playmat Waterproof Non-Toxic 148x173cm Blue

Large Baby Play Mat Folding Mat Baby Crawling Mat Kids Playmat Waterproof Non-Toxic 148x173cm Blue

BPA-free, non-toxic, with no chemical and plastic smelly odor, the play mat is of the utmost safety for a baby who loves to crawl and slither day-in and day-out. Made with a high-density foam core, the mat features an eco-friendly PU leather cover, a soft, durable, and non-absorbent fabric that comes with moisture-resistant technology for protecting the baby’s tender skin at all times. Wiping the spills, stains, and water off the mat is what comes under ease of cleaning and maintenance associated with the play podium. 

Let that childhood be a bouquet of great memories on the playmat

Aiding in a baby’s growth and development from the very tender stages, play mats are imbibed as a part of the play routine to help your little one grow faster and with much more safety. It is the back and shoulder muscles that engage quite effectively when moving to and fro throughout the mat. A source of lubrication to the upper body strength from the toddling days, the physical abilities of the infant improve engine aptitudes and remove smoothing of the head. A basic infant pre-requisite to keep the growing toddler occupied, this is the surface where babies tend to crawl, slither and walk, learning their first pair of movements during the initial six to eight months of the growing period. Thus, a play mat turns a child’s backyard in the very potty-training days!