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Gymnastics Wooden Swedish Ladder Wall Stall Bar

MEMAX Gymnastics Wall/Stall Bar

Stall Bars are mounted to the wall and used in countless ways for strength, conditioning, and flexibility exercises. MEMAX Stall Bars are constructed of solid, durable, and smooth finished beech wood with 20cm rung spacing. Once mounted to the wall, they are an indispensable station for leg lifts, pull-ups, flexibility exercises, and more.

For home use with low ceilings, our 220cm height stall is the perfect choice. With a lower profile, MEMAX Gymnastics Wall/Stall Bar fits comfortably in spaces with lower ceilings and is ideal for use in homes, apartments, garage, or other residential settings. Despite its smaller size, this wall bar is still built to the same high standards as our larger models, ensuring durability and safety.

For commercial settings with higher ceilings, our 280cm height wall bar is the best choice. Designed for use in schools, gymnastic centres, and other high-ceilinged environments, this stall bar is built to provide maximum safety and durability. With its taller profile, it is perfect for spaces with higher ceilings, providing a more imposing presence that inspires confidence and ensures safety.

No matter which height you choose, our stall bars are built with safety and quality in mind. Made from solid beech wood and constructed to the highest standards, MEMAX Gymnastics Wall/Stall Bar is designed to last for years, providing a stable and secure platform for a wide range of activities.

• Constructed of durable and solid beech wood.
• Smooth finish.
• Rungs are made of 35mm diameter solid hardwood, spaced 20cm apart.
• Includes steel brackets to secure each section of the stall bar to the wall.
• Pull up at 240cm high (180cm high for the 220cm wall bar)
• 2 Sections are joined together to form a total height of 220cm or 280cm in order to reduce the transport length.

• 90cm(Width); 220cm/280cm Height Options
• Rung Spacing: 20cm
• Rung diametre: 35mm
• Side frame: 9cm in width (18cm in width near pull up bar) x 3cm thickness
• Net weight: 25kg (280cm); 21kg (220cm)
• 150KG weight limit

Note: Standard wall fixings are provided. These may not be suitable for your wall type. Always check with a professional before installation.

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