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ATTIVO Olympic Triceps Bar, Solid Standard Threaded Triceps Bar Deadlift Barbell Home Gym Weightlifting Exercise for Squats, Deadlifts,Shrugs

About the product

ATTIVO 2" Olympic Tricep Bars are perfect for helping you to perfect your form while you build strength and muscle. Improve your technique and switch up your weights easily.

Our tricep bar allows you to target specific muscle groups as well as vary your workouts. Isolate different parts of the tricep muscles too with our multi grip tricep bars. The solid steel construction makes them durable and the knurled handles give you a secure grip on the bar.

• Perfect for tricep extensions & bicep hammer curls
• Suitable for all 2" Olympic size weight plates/discs
• Bushing sleeve rotation
• Solid steel bar
• Chrome finish

    • 2" diametre sleeves for Olympic weight plates/discs
    • Bar length: 86cm
    • Sleeve length: 16.5cm
    • Product weight: 12kg
    • Weight capacity: 320kg

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