2 x Pack Stretched Triple Primed Artist Canvas - Multiple Sizes

    1. Artist stretched blank canvas
    2. Medium or fine weave options
    3. Tightly stretched over 25mm or 32mm thick pine stretcher bars Corner bracing will be added for larger size canvas.
    4. Primed Canvas: Triple acrylic-based surface
    5. Medium texture canvas (440 GSM, linen & cotton blended) - It has a slight texture in the weave and is ideal for artists who require a subtle grain for their work. 
    6. Fine texture canvas (370 GSM, pure linen) - Lighter weight but better strength. It is of a smooth finish, with only a very slight grain and is ideal for artists creating detailed work. Our pure linen canvas would ensure the artwork you create will last very long, and won't become slack easily when heavy oil/acrylic are applied.
    7. Customised size stretched canvas can be made upon request. Please contact us for price.
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