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Kids Boxing Chest Guard Headgear Head Guard Shin Guard MMA Boxing Gloves with Free Teeth Guard and Hand Wrap

Package includes: 1x Chest guard; 1x shin guard; 1x Head guard; 1x pair of boxing gloves.

Free gifts: 1 Gym bag; 1 Roll hand wrap (3 metre); 1 Teeth guard (random colour).

Chest Guard

  • Size S (Black) suitable for height 110cm - 140cm;
  • Durable synthetic leather construction.
  • Full Chest, Belly & Oblique coverage for maximum abdominal protection.
  • Ergonomic design around body to allow maximum mobility. Fully adjustable back strap system to fit your body.
  • High density contoured foam absorbs the punches and kicks so you can keep sparring. 
  • Lightweight to allow faster movement.

Head Guard

  • Suitable for the youth. Head circumference: 480mm - 520mm.
  • High density contoured foam absorbs the punches and kicks so you can keep sparring. Full coverage of the head, cheeks, and chin. 
  • Specific face design for a perfect protection and an open 180-degree vision.
  • Lightweight to allow faster head movement.
  • Our secure Hook and Loop closure design lock the gear into place, so you can focus on your game, not your gear. This gear won’t easily come loose from sweat and impact, blocking your vision and forcing you to stop and adjust. 


  • Come with a carry bag.
  • Teens size (6oz). Suitable for age from 7 to 12 years old.
  • Premium quality.  Durable PU leather.
  • High density injected foam.
  • large velcro enclosure for better wrist protection.
  • Improved fitting for better comfort.

Shin Guard

  • Size S - shin length: 27cm. Suitable for height 110cm - 135cm;
  • 100% PU leather for great durability and performance.
  • High density foam with additional padding across the shin and instep for enhanced shock absorption.
  • Lightweight design providing unrestricted mobility and speed.
  • Large Velcro straps for a customised no-slip fit.

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