Large Electric Non-Stick BBQ Grill and Hot Pot Dual Pot and Grill Plate - Free Tool Pack

  • Free tool pack: bamboo spatula, scouring pad, chopsticks, colander, disposable gloves, whisk, BBQ paper, etc.
  • Size: Please see the last product image for product dimension details.
  • Double Electric grill equipped with Shabu Shabu hot pot.
  • Separate temperature control. 5 heat levels adjustment control for grill and hot pot respectively.
  • Thick and reliable. Cast aluminium alloy material with environmental friendly and healthy non-stick coating, safe to use while maintaining its durability.
  • Fast heating Up. Efficient heating duct for the pan and hot pot, making it possible to heat up in as short as 8 seconds, no need for a long wait before a banquet.
  • Washable grill tray. Simply wipe it with a soft cloth, making work after meal much easier.

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