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Double Ballet Barre Portable Ballet Barre - Folds Flat, Portable, Home Fitness Exercise Barre

MEMAX Portable Double Ballet Barre Stretch Bar

Ballet as a very elegant form of dance is a perfect way to improve posture, build muscle and flexibility, build confidence and self-esteem, contribute to overall fitness and health, and maintain a healthy weight. While it is the foundational style for all dance, it requires a lot of technics such as footwork, balance, timing, turns and core strength which could be learnt and improved through continuous hard work. If you or your kids are interested in ballet and have determined to practice, a ballet bar is an essential piece of equipment that you should have at home. Apart from practising ballet, you could also do other barre workouts like yoga, Pilates, Zumba, and aerobics.

This MEMAX double ballet barre is versatile. It is able to suits the different height needs of the users. If you have more than one child that is practising ballet or dance and they require different heights, this double barre will save you from adjusting the heights constantly. Having two crossbars with adjustable heights, this MEMAX ballet bar can provide more options for your children and you to practice dancing technics and stretches without having to adjust the heights constantly.

Besides, this ballet double barre is freestanding and foldable, so setting it up is easy and it saves your space when it comes to storage. If you are planning to practice ballet and dance at home, this double barre is perfect for you or your kids.

• Freestanding ballet barre.
• 2 smooth finished beechwood horizontal bars.
• 2 Crossbars both heights are adjustable from 15cm to 128cm off the floor.
• Can be folded to flat and store against the wall or under the bed.
• Anti-slip feet.

• Footprint: 111cm(L) x 68cm(W)
• Uprights and horizontal bar diametre: 38mm
• Base tube size: 60mm x 30mm
• Height adjustable from 15cm to 128cm
• Frame: Powder-coated steel
• Product weight: 8.5kg
• Weight capacity: 50kg

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