2 in 1 Steel Adjustable Weights Dumbbells Set Free Weights Dumbbells Set with Connecting Rod - 20KG

  • This dumbbells set can be connected by a connecting rod and become a barbell to meet the needs of upper and lower body workout.
  • Locking nut design. Simply tighten the nut and it prevents weight plates from falling off during the workout.
  • The dumbbell bar are covered with a rubber coating ensures a comfortable and non-slip grip.
  • High quality all steel design with chrome finish.
  • Easy to use, save your space. The adjustable dumbbells are very easy to use and do not require much space for storage, suitable for home gyms and fitness enthusiasts of all levels.

Package Content

  • Dumbbells: 1.75kgx4; 1.25kgx4; 1kgx4
  • Lock nuts: 0.375kgx4
  • Dumbbell bars: 1.25kgx2
  • Connecting Rod: 30cmx1